Frank Castellanos is a Producer at the service of good ideas, facilitator of the creative process to make them happen in an optimal way. He study digital marketing every day with experience in digital content management for brands such as: La Baguette bakery & Bistro, Let’s Connect show, Vision 3000, Kerman competition, Toron commerce. Family, nature and experiences are his passions.

We are an image in motion creative lab with the main goal of connecting brands and customers in a more human way.

Storytellers with a unique strategy for creating meaningful impact.


 ​​​​​​Braulio Rodriguez is a Creative Filmmaker who went on to build his extensive 20-year experience 

as the Director and producer of numerous advertising projects for Venezuela and Latin-America at large.  

These included Coca-Cola, Ford, Toyota, Movistar, Digitel, HBO, DirecTV, and Empire Keeway.  

Along the way, he has received many of the most prestigious advertising awards.  He won a gold medal at the 

NY Festival for special effects with The Jeep Cherokee- Fenomeno de la Naturaleza and was a runner-up at 

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with The Traffic Center Tostones.  He directed and produced a 

short film "Hoy No Se Hace Pastel De Chucho" ("We're Not Making Fish Pie Today") which was well acclaimed 

by the critics.  It was chosen for the Cannes Film Festival. He is passionate about telling stories and making good 

movies that will impact people and their lives

Braulio Rodriguez, Director & Producer 

Frank Castellanos, Producer